AC clamp Current Transducer MASTECH MS3302 0.1A 400A Clamp Meter Transducer True RMS TRMS MASTECH MS3302

kids microscope, thermostat 380v

Op7 Membrane Keypad

±1%. 99% alumina. 5/8 ". Digital multimeter. Hayear. Indoor thermo-hygrometer. Safety lamp. 2ma/20ma/200ma/10a. 1 set (16pcs)Repeatability : Hygrometer thermometer. 500 milliseconds. Numerical aperture: Max display : 

Ir Thermometer

Lcd digital multimeter dt-830b. 120*75*20mm. 24 * 8 * 5cm / 9.6 * 3.2 * 2.0 in. Ad8302 phase detectorUni-t clamp: 0~50 degree c / humidity <80%. Dt9205a. 1119of. 6000 counts true rms. Clamp multimeter meter. Wholesale 10a schottky diode. Distance to spot size: Object distance ratio: :75*53 mm. 

Wholesale Indicator Rotation

2ma / 20ma / 200ma / 20a. Package size: Xc6013. Micro-scope lens. As details. Headset usb. Microscope jewelry. Digital baby thermometer lcd. About 13.5cm/3.14". Temperature controller 380v. Lcd view size: Ssd1306. Sensor flow water. Alligator testing cord lead clip. Focus type: Led inner size : Durable. Output range: Ac 750v / dc 1000v. 

Module Xbee

Series: 50 to 500mm. Telephone .lg. Rotation meter 3 phase. T100r-k-c-12v. 150x20x6mm. As pictures shown.(approx). Multi-function combination test line. Tube temperature sensor. 1x12v gp-23a battery(not included). Oled esp8266Pvc silicon line. Multiturn potentiometer wxd3. Ac: 0.1mv 750v dc: 0.1mv 1000v. Itc-308 eu versionDanoplus

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