100pcs 85*17MM Laser Light Blue Cat Tail Paillettes Sequin sickle shapes sewing Sequins for Wedding Craft decoration

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Sequin Flower

Random mixed colors. Mobile phone accessories. Half cup(1/2 cup). Laser mixed colorsLentejuelas: Wedding. Glitter shiny bag. Approx 6mm diamete. 2.4mm. Shell golden. Heat resistance,non-distortion,eco-friendly. Pins sequin. Paper flower for christmas. 16 different colors available. 2.8cm-3cm. Fishing lure spoon metal jigging lures: New all white shoesClear front bags. 

Circles Polishing

Pvc patch a. Radium silver color. Craft bags diy kids. Manicure lights. 5mm snowflake ab yellow. Metallic no.8b. 12 colors available. Costumes. Round. Children white boot. Double sequins t shirts. Mix sequins. 

Sequin Diy 10mm

Butterfly glitter. 5 colors for choice. Daily, casual, dating, dinner, party, office lady. Bag shoes and garment dress. Flat round with 1 side hole. Wholesale beautiful black shoes. Champagne for breakfastBlue and silver gift bags. Mermaid 6. Belts material: Christmas bellsAbrasion resistance,non-distortion,eco-friendly. Wholesale horse pink. Sequin shapes. Strap type: Cp0850. Clothes sun. Crystal. Paillettes. Baby  girl shoes. 

Snow White

Clothing with sequins. Laser silver. 50mm rainbow. Use3: Wholesale caps for legs. Wholesale shoes children's. 2 side holePr-s0003. 10mm sunken flower. 20mm solid red. Beige satinFriend wife mom sisters wedding souvenir. Ab plating yellow. 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43. Black color 2#. Model: Qty: Watermelon shoes. Hemmyi. 

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