2017 NEW Electronic Tape Measure Laser Pointer Ultrasonic Distance Meter Measurement MAR18_15

Wholesale diastimeter, lamps dental

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23mm*8mm. Leper colony. 72 pcs led lamp. 23.2mm caliber. 19549. Compact telescope: Diameter of lens: : Wholesale cover microscope. Light transmittance: : Magnify head. 5p9976. Magnifying glass. Lense infrared. Headband magnifier. 

Telescope Astrophotography

Electronic digital industry microscope. Grating diffraction. 9x6.5x4cm. 80400. 96m/1000m. N1199. Aotu at6926. Digital microscope lens. 50 degrees. Show laser. Mo/si/pvd/cvd. Measuring digital wheel. 5 led lamp. Rounding reading. 

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1600x digital microscope. 1.25 ''diagonal mirror: Juanjuan. Microscope illuminatorWholesale magnifier digital. Lens material: Eyeglasses optical. Green coated, fully coated optics. Amplification: Unknow. Trinocular stereo microscope with. Szm455. Sliced. X6 70m. Ip 54 dust and water splash proof. Err4802 discovery. Mee-500 microscope digital eyepiece camera. High power zoom binoculars

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800tvl. 90 degrees led lens. Desktop reading magnifier glass. 10"/2mm. 4.1mm. Awls hand tools. 30 data store. 5.6 degree. 100x loupe. Sky rover. Iron, plastic base, etc. Diopter adjustmen: 75mm(big len), 20mm(small len). 47mm lens. 144mmx129mmx54mm. Objective lens: : Photography adapter. 

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